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Intense Geometric - Gold Foil

Intense Geometric - Gold Foil

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Golden perfection, this white and gold satin scrunchie is classy and fancy! This print has hand drawn art all over it, and each one is completely unique. If there was ever such a thing as a "dress scrunchie" this would be the one. A handmade satin scrunchie that is silky soft to the touch, it will hold your ponytail with style, or feel super comfy as a wrist accessory.   

Elastic: 17.78 cm (7")

Floofiness: Regular Floof

Material: 100% Satin

Note: This scrunchie was handmade using custom ordered materials exclusive to Fritz and Fancy, which brings the cost of goods up a little. A very small batch of 4 was made, so order it now while it's still available! Each scrunchie will be unique! 

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