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NEW! Silk Collection

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Red Anvil Designs Earrings

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Red Anvil Designs Bracelets

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About Fritz and Fancy

This shop all began as a way to survive during the pandemic. Unemployed and highly skilled, I found a way to marry all my talents and start this little shop.

Tragedy stuck again in 2022 when I had a fire in my Ottawa apartment building, shutting my business down and damaging thousands of my handmade scrunchies.

One year later and I'm back! Making the same high quality scrunchies, and based out of my new home in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.

At my peak I had over 100 styles and there was no end in sight - I'm looking to get back there all over again with your support.

Wherever I can, I'm looking for ways to lower my carbon footprint. I try to make scrunchies out of vintage and upcycled materials, keeping textiles out of a landfill, I use recyclable labels, and biodegrable mailers.

There is only one person who runs Fritz and Fancy from the design, sewing, shipping, customer support... you name it, it's me, John Fritz!

I'm always looking to grow, and now with the help of my friends, I am! Watch for new items from my friend Charlotte (Frilly Fabricator) and Brother-in-law Andrew (Red Anvil Designs).

If you have any feedback, please don't hesitate to leave a review or send me a message using the contact page, and I'll be more than happy to help you out.

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