Looking Back on 2021

Looking Back on 2021

When I look back on the past year, I had no idea that this little sewing hobby would become the scrunchie shop would that Fritz and Fancy is today. I have made THOUSANDS of scrunchies. That still boggles my mind. I think I could actually sew scrunchies with my eyes closed now, but I would definitely sew over my fingers... 

In all seriousness though, I really like how automatic the process of making scrunchies has become. Like many others, my anxiety climbs more and more as we go into lockdown after lockdown and sewing brought me back into a mindfulness practice. I started out listening to audio books about mindfulness, particularly those of John Cabot Zinn. I have a renewed awareness that I take into sewing - the moment I hear the sound of the sewing machine, the moment I touch the fabric, the first time seeing the finished product - it's all been quite therapeutic. So thanks for supporting my therapy! haha

Last year I became a little less active on my social media channels, because, well, life. I had a lot of peaks and valleys, but holy moley did I grow. I got a couple promotions at my job and now I help lead people who help merchants just like me. It's incredibly rewarding to work with them and be a part of the entrepreneurial journey with others.  

Morty lying on the couch

Another major change was getting a new puppy. We welcomed Morty to the family on March 31st! He will be a very big dog. Luckily he has two dads who give him ALL the attention, walks, and cuddles he could ever want. And on those days when I just need to get a cuddle of unconditional love, he's there. Hot tip: Running a business, starting a new job, and getting a puppy during a pandemic is a LOT, so maybe pace yourself a little and take a lot of deep breaths! 

I also got to head back to Saskatchewan and reconnect with my family for two, 1 month stints. I really treasured that time I got to spend with the people who matter the most to me. I am really lucky to have my roots planted in Saskatchewan so I can grow my branches in Ontario. My family continues to be a major support in everything I do. 

In any journey it's important to look back and reflect on the things we accomplished and learn from the experiences and how I can apply those lessons as I move forward. 

Black Friday/Cyber Monday was my biggest sale ever! I more than doubled my previous BFCM sales - thank you so much for all the orders! I added over 50 new varieties to the shop and added sales channels on Facebook, Instagram, Google, and Pintrest. 

I'm ready to try new things with what I sew and sell - which I'm excited to share with you in 2022. Stay on the lookout for greener packaging, a better customer experience, and a more active presence online. And maybe this will be the year Fritz and Fancy scrunchies appear in a shop near you. 

Here's to 2022! 

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