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Monarch Butterflies

Monarch Butterflies

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This satin scrunchie is SO pretty. I have always had an affinity for butterflies and knew that this was the scrunchie I needed to add to the collection that would be a true standout. I mean, you can't have all these flower scrunchies without attracting some pretty butterflies, right? A handmade satin scrunchie that is silky soft to the touch, it will hold your ponytail with style, or feel super comfy as a wrist accessory.   

Elastic: 17.78 cm (7")

Floofiness: Regular Floof

Material: 100% Satin

Note: This scrunchie was handmade using custom ordered materials exclusive to Fritz and Fancy, which brings the cost of goods up a little. A very small batch of 4 was made, so order it now while it's still available! Each scrunchie will be unique! 

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